Based on one dropdown value how to set visibility for another dropdown

Hi Team, How to set visible the dropdown based on another dropdown value. For example,  We have dropdown A and drop down B. The dropdown B should be visible only the dropdown A value is 'Billing'. Here, The Dropdown values are coming from different entity's enum value. I tired the visibilty based on the expression but the in that it is only listing out till current object's association. not till attribute we looking for. Please guide me where I am missing . Thanks in advance!  
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If the entity of enum A is different from the one that you are showing in the page you could do one of the following:

1. Put the entity of enum A in the page as well, this way you could set the conditional visibilty with enum A for enum B. Something like this:


2. You could use the 'show by condition' widget from the appstore. This allows you to show the enum dependent of the result of a microflow.