Filtering Datagrid by XPath over Association

Hello, I have the following Domain Model: Basically, when an Employee is assigned to any number of Roles (which have certain assigned courses), all needed Training is created for the Employee (both associations in Training are created together, to Employee and to Course). I have this datagrid showing the currently open training for the employee. And I want that once the employee is removed from any of the roles, all training that is no longer needed (The course associated to the role is no longer needed) will be filtered out. I have tried by XPath filter in the datagrid without success. Could someone help me? Thank you!
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You need to follow the associations in your data model from the Training object (the type of objects in your grid) to your context object (Employee).

So, your XPath should be like this (replacing ModuleName with the name of your actual module):

[ModuleName.Training_Course/ModuleName.Course/ModuleName.Role_Course/ModuleName.Role/ModuleName.Employee_Role = '[%CurrentObject%]' ]

This reads: "Give me all of the trainings related to a course, related to a role, related to the current context object (the employee)."