Limit the length of a text returned by XPath in datagrid

Hi, I know it can be done in a microflow, but is there a way to limit the length of text that we show in the data grip. For example, I am fetching users notes from a table using xpath in the list page and i just want to show 20 characters of the notes on the list page.    How can it be done without using a microflow?
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Hi Romil,


I don' t think you can do that by default in a data grid, but you could setup a template grid to look like a datagrid, and then use the text box properties to set the length that you want to display.


To make a template grid look like a datagrid, you can set the properties to one column and however many rows you want. Then add a table inside to hold your table, and add the class "table-spacess" to the table.


For the header, you can use the solution in this post.



If you are displaying a lot data then it might be better to keep using a datagrid, and just change the width of the column to display more/less info.


Hope this helps!