Xpath Constraint attribute from one entity equals attribute another entity

I created the below Xpath to constrain a datagrid to only display payments with the claim number its associated to in the claimhelper entity.  The xpath seemed simple to me, just if the one attribute equals the other attribute but it's not returning what I expect.  It's returning a list of all of the payments regardless of the claim number.  Normally I would do a constrain on the current object but I can't in the case because the datagrid is part of a listen-to dataview on an entity that multiple claims share.  Is my syntax below correct?   [Main_Cyber_Log.Payments_Claim/Main_Cyber_Log.Claim/Claim_Number = Main_Cyber_Log.Payments_Claim/Main_Cyber_Log.Claim/Main_Cyber_Log.ClaimHelper_Claim/Main_Cyber_Log.ClaimHelper/Claim_Number]
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Those XPaths are never working as expected. They are syntactically correct but will create wrong results, usually all data or nothing.

You are already using a helper. Connect the objects you want to display with a extra assocation (for example ClaimHelper_ClaimDisplay) and set the Xpath to




This will show all data connected to a helper.