How do i not change attributes automatically after login App?

Hi Everyone! I have a Database that register the request by Employee and this Database has Attributes "Requester ID and Date" that are retrieved through microflow/Xpath.   The image below is the place of the requests and the Order 1 (RED) is different from Order 2, but, when I sign in App, is changed all Orders (Requester ID and date) and due to it, I do not identify the Employee that did the Request and I don't know the date as well.   I would like to know, how I do not change the Request ID and Date that already had done Request, after I logged into the app... Someone has Any clue about how do I solve this? Thanks.
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If I understand correctly a user should only be able to see it's own requests and not the request from someone else.

You should set entity access so that it may only see and edit the records where the user is the owner. See the academy lessons here:

You will need to set an XPATH constraint like [System.owner='[%CurrentUser%]'] in the entity access.




Thanks for help,  Ronald!

I managed to solve it another way, I created a microflow that when the request is created, will call a microflow that creates a Requester object with Xpath [% CurrentUser%] -> Commit giving refresh to client and also I arranged the association of entities that was wrong .



In relation your tip, when I insert an Xpath constraint , show me a message "Unknown association System.owner"...How do I association with System.owner? Can you explain me? 

Follow below image with message informed...


Thanks again.