whats the XPath syntax to retrieve current login users full name?

Hi  Anyone knows what's the XPath syntax to retrieve current login user's full name?  because i want to use that value to give my datagrid constrain to show records only match current login user's full name.   Illustrate with following diagram , i want constrain to be : only show records that PatientIC field value  equals  current login user's full name , (because i use PatientIC value as user full name when i set up system accounts). I had tried " [PatientIC = '[%CurrentUser%]'] " but there is error ,     Appreciate for your help.    
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Is there an association between the entity of your datagrid and the account? If yes, you could just use this in your xpath and compare it to the current user.
If not, Austin's solution should work for you.


Hi Xue,

If you are just storing the accounts full name then you would have to use the microflow data source. Here is an example microflow that will retrieve records based on an accounts full name. 


I retrieve the current users account, then I do a retrieve for the list that I want to show in the datagrid. My retrieve has one constraint that is matching the attribute  on the list that is storing the accounts to the account objects full name. 


Hope this helps!