Using a Datagrid Inside a List View

Hello!  I am attempting to use a list view to pull all the users with a specific role, and then adding a group box displaying the account name, and when expanded, shows all of the objects assigned to each user individually.  Is there any way to accomplish this?  I currently have a list view that pulls all the users, and populates all of the group box titles appropriately. However, the datagrids are not filtering by each individual user. 
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Hi Andrea,

  What are you using for your data source of the data grid?  My suspicion is you will need to explicitly define the data source of your data grid to include the association to the User.  You might need to use the 'XPath' database source with the constraint that defines the association from user to object.  Perhaps something like:

[mymodule.object_user = [%'CurrentObject'%]] 

will be what you need for your constraint.