Failed to retrieve email template

Hi, I am trying to send an email using  a template I have created but I am unable to get my retrieve object to find the template.  I have created the template, ran the Mx Model reflection and created a microflow to retrieve the template and create m object with data.  When I step through my microflow, the EmailTemplate is empty.  I am trying to retrieve the object from the database using the entity EmailTemplate.EmailTemplate and then a First range XPath constraint.  I have tried [contains(TemplateName, 'Chase Email')] and [TemplateName = 'Chase Email'].  Help!  
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I see in the screenshot your microflow has the 'entity acces' on. Does the user that uses the microflow has the rights to view the Email template?

Furthermore it better to retrieve the Email template over an association with a 'settings' entity. That way, when you chase the emailtemplate name you wont have to alter the microflow again!


Hi Ben,

It looks like you are retrieving your email template correctly. I would confirm that the template you are retrieving exists in the database and the name matches exactly. If you do a contains search, maybe try searching on "chase". When you go to your list of templates is your record in the list?