Xpath Constraint working when ran locally but will not work went deployed.

Need help in figuring out why my xpath constraint is working when i run locally to test but when deployed to our test environment it does not work. I have a users in our system that has been setup with location associated to them.  I am now trying to use a reference selector to show a list of user base on there location.  I create the Xpath in the reference selector field and it works when i run it locally.  I see and select only users from a specific location.  Now when i promoted to deploy to our test environment the Xpath does not seem to work.  When i click the field to select a user, it comes out blank, no users to select.  In our test environment we are using single-sign on.  Would that affect the behavior of the Xpath?  Not sure where else i can look to resolve this issue i am having. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gio Favis
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create the sql query for the xpath and execute that exactly on the local db and production db, probably your expection or db’s are not equal