Cascaded or tab pages based user role slection page

The default user role slection page provides the complete list of user roles.  I have about 50 different user roles, where each 5 user roles are under a specific department。 For assigning a user role to a new user i always need to scroll down or serach the user role name which is littele tension behaviour. what i want is asscoiation based user roles. for example when i select “training” department the 5 user roles related to this department appear as a drop down option. or can have One tab page for each department so that i directly go to the department related roles page and select the required user role with eas. 
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Try using conditional visibility and constraining the the userrole association.

For example if you select “training” from  an enum value, make a conditional visibile userrole drop-down where you constrain the userrole with something like [id = '[%UserRole_Administrator%]']