Reference Selection XPath Constraint Condition in Microflow

Hello Everyone I have restricted the value in reference selector using the following XPath Constraint condition. I am trying to put this condition in a microflow so that users dont have to select the values manually.  TestManagement.Load_Schedule_VR_Record_Keeping_Sites/TestManagement.Sites/TestManagement.Generator_Detail_Sites/TestManagement.Generator_Detail TestManagement.Load_Schedule_VR_Record_Keeping_Generators/TestManagement.Generators/TestManagement.Generator_Detail_Generators/TestManagement.Generator_Detail   When I put any of these constraints at the entity level, Mendix gives me below error: LineColumnError 11required (...)+ loop did not match anything at input 'TestManagement.Load_Schedule_VR_Record_Keeping_Sites'   Could anyone please advice how to assign values based on the conditions without having to ask users to select manually. Thank you. Best Regards, Puneet Solanki   EDIT: Below is the replica of data model I am dealing with. One generator can have multiple INV_QTY values in generator_detail entity for multiple sites.  Generator: A Site: 1 INV_QTY:10 Generator: A Site: 2 INV_QTY: 20 Up to this point things work perfect. Now I want to pull INV_QTY value in the screen for VR_Schedule entity based on the unique combination of site and generator from generator_detail entity.  I am able to restrict this using reference selector, but I dont want to use reference selector. I want data correct data should be pulled from generator_detail as soon as I select generator and site name in VR_Schedule screen. Please let me know if I am able to explain myself     
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i think you have to make another flag field and filter via reference selector with flag = true etc ...