Get List view inside a template view to show unique values

Hi all, I'm new to Mendix, so sorry if this is something absolutely basic.   I have a page set up which displays 4 images (inside a list view) next to each other by a template view, this data is fed through a microflow which contains an Xpath constraint. Whenever only 1 image is matched, it just shows the same image 4 times. Is it possible to limit the number of occurances to one? To illustrate how this is set up:   Thanks a lot if anyone can help!
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Hi Emiel, does the microflow that retrieves the images also fetch 4 objects/images? Or do you only see this in your modeler? You can limit the number of colums to 1, or if its always only 1: turn it into a dataview. Otherwise, in your microflow you can check if the objects are distinct and if not, filter/edit the list before it is fed to the template grid. If your page show 4 identical images however when only 1 should be retrieved, it sounds like a bug somewhere in your app is duplicating the objects.

Hope I understood your question correctly, good luck!