Xpath Constraint

Hello, I am try to accomplish is to have users be only able to view records based on a group.  Example.  I have 3 entities.  WorkOrder, Business Unit and Teams.  Work Order has a Business Unit attribute and Teams is associated to business unit.                                                                                          What i want is as a user is assigned to a team, that they can view only work orders base on the business unit assigned to that team.  I have done this with a microflow on a list view and got it to work but by doing so, i cannot use a  search function.  I don’t want to use a data grid as it will mean we will have to revamp the list view page we currently have designed.  Can this be done by Xpath constraint on a list view?  If i have use the microflow I created is there a way i can have dynamic filter on a “list view by microflow” page?    
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Replacing the workorder/businessunit-attribute by an 1-* association to BusinessUnit would probably do it. Have you tried that or do you have a reason not to create that association?