DataGrid filter xpath to another filter

Hi, I am using a lot of DataGrids in my application. On the DataGrids I have a DropDown called “Project” and another dropdown called “Workstream”. One project can have multiple workstreams and one workstreams can only have a relation to one project. What I want to achieve is, that the user selects a project in the dropdown filter and based on his selection he only gets the associated workstreams as dropdown-selections in the Workstream-DropDown-Filter listed. Is this possible? Best regards, Ömer
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Hi Omer,

I know 2 solutions, may the're easier ways;

1 – a helper mechanism with persistent objects connected to your session & ui objects by using xpath as datasource; so that after a selection in one dropdown, the other dropdown's will be constrained over the Xpath specified over the session path, which is connected to your ui object (och is needed to commit the selection)

2 – a similar mechanism with non persistent objects, and not necessarily over the session object  by using a datasoure microflow to load in the selection list by looking over the helper objects and loading the constrainted data to your dropdown


You might also look at the Grid Search widget in the app store. The dynamic dropdown widget in that package has a cascading setting that might meet your needs.