Concurrent users: Show object only to one user

Hi all,  I am trying to deal with concurrent users in my application. The data is presented to the users in a list view (page size is 1, which means I present the first object until the user has edited and clicked on save, then the next object appears). Now I don’t want that different users see the same data at the same time.  What I managed to do is when a user edits the object (=clicks somewhere), then I set an InUse variable to the currentUser and hide this record from all the other users by the following XPath: MyFirstModule.Data_InUseBy = '[%CurrentUser%]' But this means the object is only hidden from user2, if user1 has started editing (=has done the first click action). What I actually want is hiding the object from user2 as soon as user1 sees the object on his screen. Is there a possibility to do this?  Thank you very much!  
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You could set this association inside of the datasource microflow that retrieves the objects you want to show to your user.

But this could cause other issues, because if the user just closes his browser, he will still be associated with this object (and other users would no longer see it). It is also no guarantee if multiple users really work on the same thing in the exact same moment.