Comparing Times in Retrieve Objects (Mendix 8.2.1)

Hi all, I am trying to Retrieve Objects if the current time is greater than a deadline using the following, [hours-from-dateTime('[%CurrentDateTime%]') >= hours-from-dateTime(deadline)  and minutes-from-dateTime('[%CurrentDateTime%]') >= minutes-from-dateTime(deadline)] However, Mendix can randomly act like [%CurrentDateTime%] is 2 hours before my actual time causing it to fail when it shouldn’t. I have used the debugger to check my deadline is correct and have set my timezone correctly. I have also tried making my '[%CurrentDateTime%]' into a variable but it still can randomly happen and using the debugger, both '[%CurrentDateTime%]' and deadline are correct. I saw someone say on another post than you could create a time zone that all users use which would be very useful. I was wondering how I can do this or if there is an alternative fix for this issue.
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You should do the check always in UTC (it is called Coordinated Universal Time for a reason). And do read the FAQ here: