Retrieve Xpath - Microflow

Hi, I have a multi-select value field.  Based on the values selected in the above, I need to retrieve objects from the database that has any of those above values (like or) and then display a page with those. Do I need to build Xpath query with the list values to build a “or” query in a microflow? or is there any other easy way to do this?
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Hi Manyam,

I had a similar business case wherein I have to restrict values based on the selection in the dropdown. I created 2 entities:

  1. Parameter entity (which will hold the object for which we need to perform the search)
  2. The entity from which the data will be fetched


Create a form with a data view and a microflow as a source. The microflow will create an empty object for the parameter and will return this object. Once parameter values in your case, multi-select field, call a microflow with parameter values. The second microflow will fetch the data from the base table using the values from the parameter in XPath. The microflow will return the list object of the second entity.