Learning XPath

Hey, do you use XPath in your Microflows and do you know a proper Site to learn XPath? I searched a lot but didn't find any good sites, even in the Mendix Documentation isn't very much except the basics. Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice Weekend ;)
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XPath is a general language so there is a lot of docs about it. This is a good one:https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xpath_intro.asp


Mendix has actually quite some documentation on XPaths. Go to docs.mendix.com and search for XPath. On the right of the screen use the checkboxes to narrow down your selection to Mendix 8 documentation.

Start with https://gettingstarted.mendixcloud.com/link/module/22/lecture/122 and the six other lecture in the same path. Also useful:



Be aware of the different uses of Xpath, sometimes you get entire paths and XPath-functions at your disposal, like in the Retrieve-action, other times an XPath is only one association deep and no functions, like in a decision.