Entity Access Rules - XPath Constraint and Association

I tried to find another post similar but was unable to find it.  So  here I go: I have an entity holding Orders.  Roles A and B have full access to edit all attributes on Orders.   At some point an order will be associated to one or more SummaryReports.  If an order is associated with at least one report, it should not be edited by Role B, but still could by Role A.  There is an associated SummaryReport table in a many – many relationship. In the Order entities’ Access Rule, I want to set a read only rule to Role B using XPath.  I tried to state if an association exists  [Order_SummaryReport] But I get the error, “Expression must be of type Boolean”.  I’ve tried != empty and more, but not getting it right. Any suggestions?  Let me know if you need clarification. Peace, Keith
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P.S. by way of explanation, Order_SummaryReport/SummaryReport indicates if there is something in the association.  So not() indicates it is empty.