Attribute to attribute comparison across entities.

I have a bit of a thought project I am working on.   I have four entities a main entity and 3 secondary entities. Entity_2 is constrained by the association of Entity_2_Entity_1. Entity_3 I want to constrain also by the association Entity_1 and by comparing its Attribute_C to Entity_2.Attribute_B. Is it possible to write an xpath for this? I attempted to write an xpath for Entity_3s reference selector [ParentAttribute= “Group 1”] and got an expected result however when I write the xpath [ParentAttribute = MyFirstModule.Entity_3_Entity_1/MyFirstModule.Entity_1/Attribute_A] I could not get the expected result, is there something wrong with writing an xpath this way?  
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hello, did you ever figure this out? i too have the same issues.