datagrid - xpath data source - equating entity attribute with list of user regions

In our application we use a data grid to display a set of cases based on the logged in user region/country along with search and sort options. We went with data grid with xpath data source since it supports sorting and search. But we are not able to define an xpath constraint to limit the cases by logged in user region/country. Logged in user region/country is a list of values. Basically one user can be tagged to multiple regions and countries. In xpath constraint to equate case region with user region we don’t have a function that can check case region with a list of region values that user is tagged to. There is only contains check which can equate order region with another string not list of values. Is there any way how we can achieve this.
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If you have modelled this all as objects (cases, users, regions and countries), you can filter this with XPath, e.g.

[MyModule.Case_Region/MyModule.Region/MyModule.Region_Account = '[%CurrentUser%]']
[MyModule.Case_Country/MyModule.Country/MyModule.Country_Account = '[%CurrentUser%]']