Using account attributes in XPath

Hello, I’m having some problems using XPath to its full potential. I have a specialization of Administration.Account where I have a couple of extra attributes, one of them being Nation. I have another entity (let’s call it X) which is also has the Nation attribute. I would like to use XPath (instead of a microflow) as a source for a DataGrid to retrieve all X entities that have the same value of the Nation attribute as the current user. When I try to do that in the XPath constraint section of Access rules for entity X, I see no way to reference the attributes of the currently logged account. Is what I’m trying to do even possible with XPath or am I doomed to using MFs?  
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the access rule used in the domain model should allow of to go to the current user if an assocation is linked to the entity :

something like :


maybe this also can help :

maybe you can also use the token currentobject that can allow you to retrieve the parent object of the datagrid (you can put a dataview account and below that the datagrid)


The link you provided has exactly what I was looking for, thank you!