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I’m having a problem with creating an account. When i want to create an account i want to add a user role. The list of user roles shows up, but i want to exclude the user role “Administrator” and “Directie”. How do i formulate it in an Xpath constraint?
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I would create a user role that is allowed to create accounts but can manage users with all roles selected, with the exception of the Administrator and Directie roles. This is standard functionality, see:

If you want to restrict this on xpath (not a secure solution) then set the xpath on the user role field in the account dataview to :

[id != '[%UserRole_Administrator%]'][id != '[%UserRole_Directie%]']

Be ware that this is not a secure solution as you are not restricting access to the roles and these will be accessible from the client. I strongly suggest to go for the first solution.