How to apply XPATH filter for Nested/multi-level ReferenceSet Selector

Team@ I have an use-case, where to filter referenceset selector(Sub-Region), based on previous referenceset selector(Region) value and followed by one more referenceset selector(Country) should be filtered based on Sub-Region value.  Domain Model among these entities is as below:   And Expected of these in a page(inside data-view), where user can select multi-values using select page for each of these fields. I have tried to apply '[%CurrentObject%]' filter at selectable objects-xpath  , but it is not working as needed. Appreciate your inputs on this..! FYI: Mendix Version: 8.5.0 Thanks. Regards, Ashok B.
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I recreated your model and used the constraint by path options for the reference set selectors making sure the objects are selectable over the associations and this works as expected.

When I have the following data (region/subregion/country):



Selecting the region aa will then only allow selection of the sub aaa and country a.

You will need to reset the fields if you change region or subregion else the wrong combinations can be set.

Constraints by path in my setup: