retrieve attribute value from association within XPATH for selectable objects in a reference selector

I want to do the folowing in XPATH for a reference selector.  We have a main entity. On this entity we have multiple associations. One being the function location. In the function location is the attribute QCODEGRP_PROBLEM. On another reference selector, also an association of the main entity (and on the same page) I want to restrict the values to be selected to only being function_location/QCODEGRP_PROBLEM. If I fill in QCODEGRP_PROBLEM = 'D1’. It works fine. If I use the folowing XPATH, it doesnt work: [QCODEGRP_PROBLEM = Notification.Notification_Problem/Notification.Notification/Notification.Notification_FunctionalLocation/Notification.FunctionalLocation/qcodegrp_problem] This should be possible right? Seems rather basic yet somehow I cant get it to work...please advice.
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