Xpath constraint only accepts a boolean value

Hi, I am trying to create a bar chart that displays the data of the current object. For that I use a XPath, but it only accepts a boolean. Anyone knows how to fix this?  
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The error is saying that the left of your expression is a CovidPatients while the right part is giving a string. But you appear to want to limit that dataserie to the currentobject, so you want an object. You get a string because you are missing the braces in the expression. Change it to

= '[%CurrentObject%]']

and your chart will be fine.


Do you mean you need to pass a boolean into the XPath?

If you do, use true() or false(). For example...

[MyFirstModule.CovidPatients_Hospital = false()]

However, looking at the error message it looks like you actually need to pass a CovidPatients entity to your XPath. If you have the CovidPatients entity already in a variable (let’s say as $CovidPatient), just pass it into the XPath like this.

[MyFirstModule.CovidPatients_Hospital = $CovidPatient]

Hope this helps.