Problem using Xpath

I am getting an error when using Xpath (with no constraints) to return data to a data grid. It only happens when the number of records reaches about 12,000 ish. The Log entry is shown below. This doesn’t happen if I return data using Database. Any assistance gratefully received. Apr 17 22:16:09.773 - ERROR - Connector: An error has occurred while handling the request. [User 'Ray' with session id 'cf236aab-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXf2ba' and roles 'Administrator'] Apr 17 22:16:09.775 - ERROR - Connector: (1/137) com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: Exception occurred in action '{"xpath":"//File_Management.Case_File_Deletion_Log","amount":20,"offset":0,"returnsCount":true,"sort":[{"memberName":"Deletion_Date","direction":{}}],"type":"RetrieveXPathSchemaRawAction"}', all database changes executed by this action were rolled back Apr 17 22:16:09.775 - ERROR - Connector: (2/137) #011at com.mendix.basis.actionmanagement.CoreActionHandlerImpl.processErrorState(CoreActionHandlerImpl.scala:160) Apr 17 22:16:09.775 - ERROR - Connector: (3/137) Apr 17 22:16:09.775 - ERROR - Connector: (4/137) Caused by: com.mendix.connectionbus.ConnectionBusRuntimeException: An exception has occurred for the following request(s):
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What database are you using? Is it a mendix supported one?

It is a long shot from me, but the error message “Bad value for type int”

seems to indicate there is a number that is higher than Mendix van handle.

see for example


But then again, i have not seen this message before and could be completely wrong in this.