xpath equal case problem

Following that question : https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/472   I need to retrieve in my database all objects that are equal to the same attribute than my current object, but case insensitive. The problem is that in my acceptance environnement I use PostgreSQL 9.6.  Therefore in my microflow when I am making a retrieve action, with that xpath : attribute = $myobject/attribute I do not retrieve my object that have the same attribute (if object attribute does not have the same case).   the function contains will not works because it can lead to some incorrect results.  also, I can put my current object attribute in a variable to lowercase, but not the objects in my database .   Is there a way to do it?    Thank you
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Could you add an extra value in your entity that holds the lowercase value of the attribute you want to search on? You can set this automatically in a Before Commit event, and write a quick microflow to set it on all the existing entities. It does mean you have some duplicate data, but it will fix your problem.