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Hello everybody,   I hope everyone is doing well! :)   We are developing some applications which intend to be used in every single facility of the company, more than 50 business units having tens/hundreds of thousands of access every day. Well, as I said, it's a global application...   Obviously, we will also have different languages among them.   Today we are relying on a semi-automated process composed of: 1 - Export the original language file (excel) from Mendix Studio Pro 2 - Perform a bulk translation for all mother languages we have factories using AWS Translate 3 - Import the translation again in Studio Pro   We already knew the translation would not be perfect but as we started proliferating the system some sites requested to translate more or less the whole system as the auto-translation is not accurate enough for the large audience. People with zero english sklll who would not be able to understand why "plant" (a common word to refer to a business unit) is being translated to something similar to "flower".   Somehow we need to empower the translation process to be done by the native speaker (internal employee) who is also capable of understanding the words and the meaning of the words in the context of the project. You might be asking yourself, why they are not asking the native speaker to help them before deploying the system at the new unity. Well, it's simple, it would work in a perfect world but it's not working for our company size (for sure we tried).   Had you have experienced a similar or maybe the same issue? Do you have a clue how to solve it? Any idea is welcome :)
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Hello Caio,

We had a similar experience and raised an idea quite some time ago:

Mendix Idea 3701

Feel free to vote for the idea if it helps.




The easy answer is hyring a translation bureau. So export your Excel files hand them over to the translation bureau so you can get the translated Excel sheets back. You can then import those Excel sheets again. Do make sure that for each language the give the same format back for easier import again.

Sometimes some context is needed for a correct translation but if you have a good company doing the translations they will report them back to you.

And do be aware that each language makes your model larger. Mendix did already improve this but we encountered after the fifth language in our large model that we could not deploy anaymore due to out of memory errors. Mendix improved on this but do keep this in the back of your mind if you want to add a lot of languages.