Sending a list of FileDocuments via REST POST using multipart/form-data

I'm trying to send multiple files to the following endpoint:   This endpoint accepts a wallet (FileDocument) and an array of files and expects multipart/form-data. I can send a single file by adding a REST Call action and configuring the keys but when I try to send a list of FileDocuments Mendix indicates this is not accepted. How do you (natively) send multiple files via multipart/form-data?
2 answers

Rest multipart cannot take list of files. 

You can do either of the below. I would recommend the first solution , second solution is a dirty way of doing and it is not scalable. 

Solution 1- 

Merge all the files you want to send and send it as a single file. 

Solution 2 - 

Use different attributes for each file. 




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