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Hi Forum, I am implementing web audio recorder feature to my aplication, I am making use of the widget for this, as given in the document I have followed the steps, after implementing the microflow , I am getting some errros. I have put it in below screenshot, do guide me with this.
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Hello Spoorthi Yu,


The first two errors can be sold being clicking the java action base 64 open and set the input parameter. Encoded is your Decode string and target file is your New blob audio file.



The third error is a bit harder to solve, it states that it misses a dependency or cannot reach it, so you need to make sure it is accessible. 


More information here:







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Hello Spoorthi,


Yes, this is an issue that is common among the community, it has to do with the security of your laptop/network that is not allowing to connect to this repository.




People experience this on their work laptops but not on their personal laptops things you could try before discussing with your IT Security department are the following:


Copied from the mentioned question:


1. Solve proxy authentication (Edit --> Preferences --> Advances in Mx StudioPro)

2. Request a change from the proxy admin for your host/all hosts

3. Use a network without proxy (your phone as Access Point/Hotspot) but only it you are not enforced using the company VPN

4.Try setting up the VPN to check if the same proxy rule is blocking you (trust me it is sometimes different)

5. Use a different (less restrictive) proxy server. For this, ask your fellow developers, you need to edit the network settings. Probably that is blocked too.

6. Try if you can setup a privacy VPN (probably blocked)

7. Use AWS workspaces (https://aws.amazon.com/workspaces/) for this (Will cost additional)

8. Use Mx StudioPro < 10.3 until solved. 


Hi Spoorthi,


To solve the third error you are getting, you may want to try adding the trusted certificate(s) to the JVM trust store if you are using ZScaler or some other kind of proxy in your company. Instructions in how to do so are detailed in this Forum question:



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