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Make lognodes a standard element of a module


Actually this is a better idea:

Adding log node names is a cumbersome process. You need to create an enumeration, add “getKey(YourModule.Enum_YourLogNode.Name)” at Log node name, add each new “” to your ASu to make it show up in the list of log nodes. See the learning path for exact details.

Idea: Let each module, by default, have one or a list of log nodes that you can use. For instance, added to the ProjectExplorer just below Security.

Clicking ‘LogNodeNames’ would show the list of names available in this module. Modifiable at will.
When adding a message or log activity in the microflows, you can pick any of the available log nodes using a dropdown (instead of the current text-field).

The list will automatically be added to the log levels shown in the console.

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Thank you for the link to the logging course.
Astonished that logging can be so complex.


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