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Often, the reason given for not creating a feature is a lack of resources, the perceived difficulty, or low prioritization. However, many former Mendix employees, now specialists in the field, know that these are often just excuses.


I've frequently suggested: "Let me know the cost, and I'm confident a small independent team can accomplish this in a fraction of the time it would take for an enterprise to even make a decision."


We should leverage the expertise within our community and compensate people fairly for their skills.


There are already success stories demonstrating the potential of this approach. For instance, Mozilla's Bug Bounty Program has significantly enhanced the security of their products by offering rewards for identifying vulnerabilities. Similarly, GitHub Sponsors allows users to financially support developers working on open-source projects, enabling 

Take, for example, the case where a dedicated developer reduced loading times by 70%. These achievements show what’s possible when we properly incentivize and utilize our community’s talent.


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