Open link (Type Web)

I’m having a button which on click should open a web link. (Picture Below) If the value of the link (string) is ‘’ (just for example) it appends the link to the url (Picture below) But if the value of the link is ‘’ , it works fine, the way I expect it to, the link no longer gets appended to the url. My question is, how can I open a web link without it being appended to the url, regardless of what the location is (“”)
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Hi Marcian,

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a feature to do this out of the box.

I think in this case you should set the attribute with the link differently. When the string for the link is set you should built in a check if the string contains https://

If it does you leave the string unchanged, if it doesn’t you set the attribute to:

‘https://’+ $originalstring


Hope this helps!