Dynamic class on data grid column issue

Hi, I try to hide columns of a data grid based on an attribute values using the dynamic classes, but the class is not applied, it seems there is an issue with dynamic classes on data grid columns. I’ve read about in other forum topics, that the layout grid column has the same issue. Does anyone know when will these issues be fixed? Is there a good workaround in case of datagrid? Thank you.
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Similar like my answer to https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/105919 a couple of minutes ago: You can do this with the GridCellStyler from the Appstore. Here is their demo page. Here is mine. Make sure the javascript returns a boolean value. This styler adds a class to table cells. Maybe it is a workaround to set the width of the column to 0 and make it wider if one of the cells of the column has a certain class, added by the GridCellStyler.