is there a directory of all third party integrations?

I am trying to find an integration to Epicore.   Is there a list or directory of all third parties to integrate with, and a list of the partners that have connectors? I understand that many of these modules are not in the marketplace, but I don't mind talking to partners and figuring out if we can help each other.   something like: Stripe: LowCode NZ, BlueGreen, Valcon, Incentro, Ordina (plus 5 others) Myob: LowCode NZ Xero: Requested GoogleDistance: LowCode NZ, BlueGreen, Valcon, Incentro, Ordina (plus 5 others)
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In the case of Epicor, I found this on the forum, might be worth contacting Mieke about it. Might also be a good idea to post your idea on the idea forum (have you ever seen the word idea used that many times in a single sentence? I have no idea) to see if more people are interested.