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Hello Team,   How to use pie chart? Can anyone explain working of pie chart? There are two widgets Pie chart(Deprecated) and pie chart. which one should I use and How it is working? I am using mendix version 9.24.16  
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Hi Sidheshwari,


Since one is deprecated I would suggest to not use that one but the other. To set it up check out this forum post:

Also the documentation for the charts (I'm not sure if this is the module you are using):

If you could elaborate what it is you are using it for I might be able to give more insight for your specific use case.


Hi Sidheshwari ,

The following forum link will help you to configure the Pie chart

I hope this link will help you step by step 


Hello Sidheshwari,


I think that you need to use the chart marketplace module:


It is mendix platform supported and there is plenty of documentation for this:


Also for the pie chart:




Hope this helps


Good luck!