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The State of UX design & Mendix


A lot of the time Designers/frontenders are forced to work against the Mendix platform because it is forcing certain elements to behave in a specific way which is not always beneficial for the User experience.

Most frustrations come from:


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I will try to keep this post up to date with any UX topics I see, also post them in the comments if you see any I have missed

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@Wojciech Machniak We are not sure about Bootstrap 4 yet. Maybe a part of it.

I’ll look into the interpolation issue, but it’s better to create a PR or an issue on the AtlasUI github in the future. This makes it easier for both of us :)


@Wojciech Machniak there is this closed topic (8 months ago):


We are indeed looking into this, but we also need to take backwards compatibility into account."

“looking into this” is a very vague answer.

maybe reCreate a new ideatopic so we can discus the pro’s cons of MX implementing bootstrap 4 (I’ll add it to the links).


@Jason Teunissen It’s true what are you saying. But I would like to know what is a plan for a future of Atlas UI


I dont think upgrading the CSS framework will solve a lot of ux problems
UX is not CSS, CSS is a tiny part of what creates the UX.


@Wesley Do you consider upgrade to Bootstrap 4?

If you are responsible for improvements in Atlas UI, please check one thing:

I have noticed an errors in compiled lib.css file.
You have an issue in directory theme/styles/sass/lib/components/_buttons.scss

// Button Sizes
.btn-lg {
    font-size: $font-size-large;
    img {
        height: calc($font-size-small + 4px);

You should interpolate SASS variable inside calc function. #{$font-size-small}

Hope this helps!


@jason Thanks for this overview. We’re currently working hard to improve Atlas. I’ll definitely look into these points and see what I can improve. Will keep checking this for updates!


@mitchel to a certain extent that is possible, you can delete the Atlas theme and possibly the Mendix css.

the problem is that Mendix generates a lot of inline styling and by adding the class “-stylingless” it adds extra classes that override other classes that you will then also need to override.

Atlas also has “!important” in some css elements making it even more clumsy to work around.

also view:


Or instead release a base theme with just the bare necessities that allows for a full custom style. Also, with the disclaimer that it will not be fully ready (stylish) out of the box. But without the need to fully start from scratch.